Fayette Truck Bodies wasn’t always its own independent LLC. It used to be a mere concept drawn up by Fayette Trailers LLC. During the grand opening in 2002, of Fayette Trailers LLC, we would have never fathomed that thirteen years later we would become a part of the truck body industry. It was after gaining years of experience, reputation, and invaluable knowledge, that we discovered the necessity and demand of a high-quality truck body. Acting on this demand, we targeted the northeast, due to its brutal salt conditions and rugged seasons. We set out to find, not just a bandage, but the cure. Enters a manufacturer from the USA with 20+ years of manufacturing experience. Their state of the art equipment provides the highest quality product, period. Getting this manufacturer onto Fayette Trailer’s roster was a no brainer. Meshing together their 20+ years of manufacturing experience and Fayette’s 13+ years of sales experience would prove to be the missing link. The joining of this power couple led to the first truck body install in 2015, headed by Master Mechanic and Professional Installer, Brendon Krahn. Having 8+ years of welding/fabrication and 10+ years of mechanical experience under his belt, the cure was finally found!


The response was immaculate. Customers finally had the ultimate truck body, built to withstand the northeast’s rugged seasons and harsh salt conditions. Fayette Trailers LLC never anticipated the growth of truck bodies to be as ample as it became. Just three short years after the addition of truck bodies to the inventory, it was time for the creation of Fayette Truck Bodies LLC (FTB). Brenden Krahn leapt at the opportunity to become one of the partner’s and the Head Installer of the industry standard setting company, FTB. He built and continues to build the company on honesty, professionalism, efficiency, and excellence. FTB stands, not only behind its product, but behind its customer. Delivering a quick & efficient, industry leading product, that’s built on nothing less than a hard work ethic and attention to every detail, FTB will make it right the first time and will never cut corners.  We know the product we offer, it’s the best in the industry and we will confidently show you why. 


FTB is located in rural Central Pennsylvania in the town of Cocolamus. We have customers from all over the northeast visit and have truck bodies installed. We have grown to become the best in the industry while maintaining a respectable and personable connection with our customers. We continue to grow and develop daily in our operations and are always looking towards the future advancement of our company and product line. As our customer base continually grows, so does our inventory, allowing for quicker installation times versus other competitors. FTB strive to achieve nothing less than excellence in all meaning of the word throughout all facets its operations. When you visit any Fayette location, you’ll notice the difference. Be sure to visit our location and see for yourself!